Sunday, June 9, 2013


The past four years have gone so fast
All the while thinking it’ll last
And now we’re at the end
no more playing pretend
no more dodging responsibilities
no more putting the future on hold
because it’s happening
so don’t live life in denial, clinging onto your youthful ignorance
I say embrace the choices you make and age in style
and whatever you do after you leave this place, don’t lose sight of yourself
So often I see people going to a job that they hate when just a few years ago they were perusing they’re dreams
And Maybe they were just pipe dreams, but they lost hope
And when you lose hope life takes a little more away from you than it should
Like it’s saying “you could of done more”
Because we’re young
I Never want to forget what that feels likes
Even if it means buying those glow in the dark stars, writing everything I want out of life on them and putting them all over my bedroom ceiling so when I lay down every night I get to lookup and see my wishes
And the beauty of stars is, when one blows up it can create new ones
A never ending source of childlike wonder fueling our decisions
Our ambitions
Sure it’s dangerous out there and we can get hurt
But what’s living without a few battle scars
So when life knocks you down, you better be jumping right back up
At least that’s what needs to happen
I’m no stranger to depression, no stranger to feeling down
I remember the days I didn’t have friends to lean on
And the only attention I got only seemed to make things worse
Things have gotten better of course, but they’ve left their mark
My little reminder that I can’t be hiding in the dark
because when you live in the dark you have a hard time finding yourself
maybe that’s why I changed so much, I’m using the stars to see. 
So maybe I don’t seem like the same me
Maybe I don’t act the same way I used to
Maybe we were once close and now it feels like a mountain separates us
With change, I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost bits of me
Lost… but not forgotten
I’ll never forget how the past felt
And I can’t change it, I have to play the hand I’m dealt
So I’m going to make the most of it
I’m going to do what makes me happy
And that’s something no one is going to take away from me
because we make our own meanings to life
and even though nothing’s set in stone I want to be one of those old dudes that never lost touch with their inner child.
Who in his heart never lost stopped following his dreams
Making everyone’s day just a little bit better
Because when other people are happy, he’s happy
I don’t know how much time I have
But I know I need to make the time count
If I… If I could just make one person… one person feel better and just help them shine bright like the stars above us, then I know it was worth it all
But hey, I can’t live for other people and I can’t make your decisions
All I can do is wish you the best of luck with everything life throws
And no matter how things go the show must go on even after we’re gone
And this is just a chapter ending, there is so much more to explore
So make the next chapter so big and bold, make it legit
Because you never know who will read it  

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