Monday, June 17, 2013

no sense, too tired

I like to write
Laziness wants to fight me
I say bite me or spite me but these words are my freedom
I have broken these chains, my pains are a part of me
so don't start with me on your idea of perfection
although tonight my brain isn't making connections
correction, they just aren't good
the idea that I should quit and call it a day
will people say that the way live is incorrect
I deflect possibility
for tranquility
I'd rather be happy than anything else
myself is who I am to please
I prove things to myself and that's what makes life a breeze 
this poem doesn't make sense
hence the lack of sense
wait that was redundant 
im underfunded because I'm broke and I struggle to write a good joke
but I will tell you sleeping is a piece of cake
which I'm about to do because I have a headache for fuck's sake

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