Wednesday, June 12, 2013

this seemed a lot funnier when I wrote this at 2 a.m.

you ever find yourself awake at night and you're like "awh shiiittt that's a great idea" then the next morning you're like "no, no it's not... the fuck?" anyways I digress but I haven't slept in two days FUCK SLEEP.  I don't mean actually fuck it, because that's like rape and shit but I mean like fuck it in a metaphorical sense, ya know?  I could use some sleep.  Sleep used to be my coke, before ya know coke.  Coke is a gateway beverage... oh shit I just realized that that could have been misinterpreted like bread to mean the drug.  drugz are bad kid, I better not catch you doin crystal meth because you're like "science bitch".  Nah I don't want to see any of that Walt and Jesse shit.  No meth labs for you! anyways, what was I saying? I can't remember.  But seriously always plan your shit out.  Don't be like me who needs to wake up in three hours to drive across the fucking state.  God I'm fucking stupid sometimes.  This is just like the time I tried to make spiderman give me a piggy back ride in time square.  Shit just wasn't clickin in mah brains.  I better get some z's before all the zebras in bikinis get them.  I wonder if anyone would ever try and fuck a zebra in a bikini.  Is that legal, like if it dresses like a person, eats like a person, and takes over the world like a person WHY CAN'T IT HAVE THE SAME FUCKING RIGHTS. I don't know man, some shit don't make sense.  Also yes, my mouth is this fucking bad, I don't have a problem.  okay off to bed to wake up to feeling this could have been a lot funnier.  PEACE OUT MOIST PEEPS!

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