Monday, December 31, 2012

here's to a new year

So I promised I wasn't going to rant today but it's close to 2013 and I am defiantly being filled with emotions.  I just don't know.  I'm looking forward to this coming year.  There is a lot I want to happen.  I really doubt that my resolutions will be life altering.  I mean, the way I see it, I'm going to try and make as many videos as I can.  I'm going to be the best goddamn friend I can be to this girl.  And to both of those I say, whatever happens, happens.  The two things I want most in 2013 are beyond achievable.  Who know what will happen.  I'm trying to avoid freaking out or pouring my heart out because I don't know who will read this, and that could be awkward.  I was talking to someone today, and I said something that really rings some truth.  If everything fails, there's always college and parties to bring my spirits up.  Because let's face it, I'm an absolute train wreck of emotion.  I'm bound to get hurt regardless of outcomes, so knowing that that's the fall back then I really want to succeed.  Succeed in life, in love.  I have enough problems with myself, I really don't want to add addictions into the matter... I just need to focus, and not let anything get to me.  The person I value most once told me that life gets easier when you stop giving a shit.  and I'd like to say I'm getting better at doing that.  but then again who knows if I'm venting on an internet blog.  A BLOG! ugh, anyways, here's to 2013 may you find happiness like no other, love that is irreplaceable, and find moments that make everything worth it.
I'm not getting a midnight kiss this year, but next year, I want it to be the first of many with her.

Happy New Year! :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

my new video

So the other day I was talking with my friend and we came up with an idea for a new series to start up titled monster news where we basically cover news stories in our own little crazy way.  I kind of wanted some feedback :) click here to watch it hopefully it's good enough to become well liked :)


Today is the day! I slept in til about 11, which by my standards is pretty fucking awesome seeing how I haven't been able to sleep past 8 lately.  I followed up that with a swift nom nom noming of breakfast and I headed back to my room.  I finished the editing for my new video which will be up later today :) I love when I'm in a good mood, I always feel on top of the world!!! later today my parents will be taking me to a hockey game soo i'm excited, until next time.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Dedication is key! I keep telling myself that I have to stick to writing.  I have to keep making videos, I have to not forget I have these outlets.  It's really something I need to focus on.  Social media is my outlet, entertainment is my passion.  I don't normally express myself and so everything just builds up inside without this source.  Which kind of sucks when I'm dealing with writer's block or something of that nature.  See the problem is I'm torn with a lot of things, and like most cliche things, there's a love interest.  Oh yes I am going to be "that guy".  I feel kind of bad venting about it on this blog but then again I don't care.  I like to think that things will magically fall into my lap, but of coarse that's something left only to fairy tales.  Fun fact, this person is well... not single :( and oh yes that heart breaking moment of being a guaranteed friend-zone member.  I try and reassure myself that this is a temporary matter and that they will somehow break up and I will be the magical man to step in.  Obviously, that won't be me.  I'm not good looking and i'm incredibly awkward.  That's practically a strike out right there.  I'd also like to add in that the two of us have had a rocky kind of past but everything is good now, I mean history has got to speak for something, right? Never the less I'll stay dedicated, waiting for the moment to have them in my arms, if only for a moment.

I'm going to bed to dream about the possibilities

Goodnight everyone :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

some new lines

Yo this kid’s never succeeded
Always defeated
Yet he’s never backed down
Never retreated
Yo he’s dropping bombs in this place
He’s out of place, from outer space
He’s leading this race
And does it with so much grace
He’s coming in hot
With everything he’s got
One shot is all he needs
To do his deeds
The whole crowd agrees
He’s a sensation
A new revalation
Ready to lead this nation
Keeps holding steady
No celebrations, no confetti
He can’t afford to be so petty
It’s a shame
He can’t step up his game
But that’s cause he’s at the top
No reason to stop
But the balls about to drop
And all we hear is new year, new year

forgetful me

okay, okay, I get it... I suck at remembering this blog.  I mean I try, that's gotta get me some brownie points, right? okay that was worth a shot I guess.  I guess I should talk about xmas, or my life, but I think I'll save that for another day, until then.  I'm taking a nap on my floor!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

lyrics to my ke$ha die young verse

Yeah it’s time to live tonight
We know how to do it right
Glasses raised shots go down
We’re gonna run this town   
Live forever, that’s the plan
Sorry if you don’t understand
now or never
Don’t act clever
Get lost in the moment
There’s no turning back
Living life on a party track
Dj don’t stop me now
Sit back and all show you how
 We do this all day
Please don’t play with what I say
Things are getting pretty hot
Lets give it all we’ve got
Leave you happy for days
Before we go our separate ways