Thursday, October 25, 2012

only douche bags say swag

Swag is such an overused word
The fact that it still has a meaning is simply absurd
Can’t people just have a new phrase
because this phase is like a maze filled with fog and haze that’ll leave you walking in circles for days
it’s like swag is a god, and you must give praise
can someone give me an answer to why that post just gave spiderman cancer
be lyrical, maybe even satirical, but I swear to god I don’t care how empirical it is, I will smack you for saying swag
why do you guys want me to nag
Seriously, swag sucks severely
when people ask if it’s cool I say no not nearly
let’s put swag to some good use
so listen to this swag abuse
Fuck a thesaurus
I’m a swagasaurus who can’t sing a chorus
My rhymes aren’t always vicious but they’re always swagalious
I’ve got swag so I don’t grow old
I moved to the gulf to golf and drill for swag gold
Who knows, maybe I’ll spill some swag
You know the animals need a daily dose of swag
It’s outrageous, it’s contagious
My ego’s crowded but with swag it’s so spacious
let’s face it, society’s about to collapse
it’s official, stupidity is about relapse
let’s play a drinking game, after all we’ve got nothing to lose
everytime someone says swag, get out the booze
and after a few hours of fun followed by vomiting and a killer hangover
we will finally know that saying swag is over
because it’s lost its thrill
so swag, you know the drill
you’re a fad that can’t leave fast enough
because saying swag doesn’t make you tough
it doesn’t make you original
it doesn’t make you special
it doesn’t do the slightest bit of good except fuel that hot head of yours
and that’s why one should say swag
only douche bags say swag

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