Monday, October 22, 2012

where did the time go??

As I sit in an overpopulated gas station tapping away with free wifi I'm left to wonder, where did the time go?  It wasn't that long ago that I was dedicated to making content and finding new ways to be creative.  I was willing to go to crazy lengths to get new stuff out onto the internet.  Now I find myself working less and wasting the free time I picked up along the way.  I didn't intend for it to be this way.  I really didn't.  But you know... shit happens.  I take a sip of my coffee and realize that I have been sitting here lost in thought for far too long seeing as how it's beginning to get cold.  I can't help but to think what the turning point was that drastically reduced my sense of urgency in creativity.  I could always blame my depressing mood at times, I love to blame that thing.  I could blame the fact that I've been investing time into my future and potential colleges.  but I've barely spent anytime on that and I doubt someone who knew me would buy that anyways.   I do intent to write more, and I do need this blog for a copious amount of reasons... I just can't explain them all. Anyways, I grow tired for creative thoughts tonight and if I keep this mind set too much longer I'm going to get seriously depressed and that's never fun to spend the night like that.  I shall try and break this cycle, one entry at a time.

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