Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today went well... well sorta

So today was my senior pictures and I was excited to get that over with.  but first I had to make it through a day of work.  Things were busy, nothing out of the ordinary other than the stress levels.  I go to Subway for lunch and while I'm eating my sub just chillin' staring out of the window, I see my friend walking to her car.  Needless to say I wanted to go outside and say hi, but I was too late.  plus I didn't want to have to explain the awkwardness of randomly showing up.  So I text her but no text back which is kind of a downer.  I start to think very negatively of myself when people I care about don't talk to me.  So in a bit of a sour mood I finish up my day at work and go home.  trade my dark shirt for a white one, and a dark blue tie for a grayish one, grab my jacket and off to the place. I show up and everyone's friendly, after I make them laugh I get my picture taken, and i'm off to explore.  I go look at books, and get some fast food, pretty unexciting I might say but its left me pretty tired. So with that in mind I'll try and process my life a little more and get some much needed sleep.  Goodnight to you all, and I love you all

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