Friday, August 24, 2012

I feel like a poem to vent

here I go, be warned
I'm scorned with a heart that's torn
I've had shitty luck since I've been born
Growing up practically alone
but no one cared when I would moan
oh, that kids just acting up for attention
like that was some measure of prevention
why would I would have to comform to belong
why couldn't anyone get along with me when I sung my song
why does no one care about shit that leaves me hurt
breaking my heart and passing me up for a heartless flirt
like you're gonna find love in a hopeless place
well if it's a rihanna relationship I can't wait to see your face
after he goes all Chris Brown on you
strangle you til you find a new shade of blue
maybe you could feel like me
maybe I could let you be
but how can I do that
I'll be that kid who just stopped caring
no I'm better than that, so keep staring
make me try it again later
then maybe you'll realize whose the hater
but I guess that's up for debate
we'll leave the future up to fate

1 comment:

  1. Hey,

    I see you're having some trouble. I think you should know that you are incredibly fantastic and you should never let anyone bring you down. You are such a wonderful and talented person. You may feel like you care too much but don't ever stop because someday, the person you care about will realize exactly what they were missing. And I really hope that you're there when it happens so that you have a wonderful life. You really deserve it. You may think your summer was hollow but really, it was everything it ever needed to be. Don't ever look back on any of your time with regret because everything happens for a reason. It's how you choose to react and change because of it that is important. Please live your life happy, it's what you deserve, love.