Tuesday, January 29, 2013

some lines because I haven't posted in so long

I guess it’s time for me to mix up the pace
I’m rocking this shit from outer space
You can’t recognize the sick shit when it’s spit
I’ve had it up to here with fake people rocking corny flows and getting bitches
Shit You’re gonna end up with stiches
After I have an afternoon brainstorming lines
It’s like typhoon ready to go boom from inside a balloon
Overdosing on cocaine after it burst, oh too soon
I’m sleighing bad rappers for good reasons call me Dexter
If you doubt me you’re next for sure
I’m coming door to door just to sell you my flow
I’ll be a one man show doing it one on one
Playing for tips, the music game’s ships are sinking and it’s time to panic
Shit there’s the iceburg and we’re on the titanic
We need a maniac to bring us back to safety
oh please god save me

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