Thursday, December 27, 2012


Dedication is key! I keep telling myself that I have to stick to writing.  I have to keep making videos, I have to not forget I have these outlets.  It's really something I need to focus on.  Social media is my outlet, entertainment is my passion.  I don't normally express myself and so everything just builds up inside without this source.  Which kind of sucks when I'm dealing with writer's block or something of that nature.  See the problem is I'm torn with a lot of things, and like most cliche things, there's a love interest.  Oh yes I am going to be "that guy".  I feel kind of bad venting about it on this blog but then again I don't care.  I like to think that things will magically fall into my lap, but of coarse that's something left only to fairy tales.  Fun fact, this person is well... not single :( and oh yes that heart breaking moment of being a guaranteed friend-zone member.  I try and reassure myself that this is a temporary matter and that they will somehow break up and I will be the magical man to step in.  Obviously, that won't be me.  I'm not good looking and i'm incredibly awkward.  That's practically a strike out right there.  I'd also like to add in that the two of us have had a rocky kind of past but everything is good now, I mean history has got to speak for something, right? Never the less I'll stay dedicated, waiting for the moment to have them in my arms, if only for a moment.

I'm going to bed to dream about the possibilities

Goodnight everyone :)

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